Privacy in a Landscape: Fencing, Screen, Vertical Garden

There are several elements a given homeowner may prioritize when designing and implementing a new landscape, and one of the top variables for some is privacy. For a variety of reasons, many homeowners are looking for privacy not only in their home, but also in their yard and landscape areas – and there are several basic ways to accomplish this using standard gardening and landscaping themes.

At Olympus Landscaping, we’re here to help. We offer comprehensive landscaping design and installation services, from hardscape elements like pavers and paving stones to irrigation systems, sprinkler systems and numerous other areas. We’ve assisted a variety of clients who want to not only achieve a beautiful landscape, but also want to include important privacy elements in their new layout. This two-part blog series will go over some basics on how to achieve privacy within any landscape.

Fencing Themes

The first and most well-known form of privacy creation for any garden, landscape or yard setting is the use of fencing. There are a huge variety of fences out there, including taller privacy fences specifically meant to keep prying eyes away.

And in addition to assisting with privacy, fences also hold other purposes. They mark boundaries, for one, and may also be infused with the aesthetic of the surrounding landscape, which they often take part in themselves. If you don’t prefer a specific fence, you might consider a wall or pergola of sorts.

Privacy Screen

For those who want another good alternative to a fence, a privacy screen is a good option. There are numerous colors and styles out there, allowing you to mix and match while complementing your existing landscape aesthetics. And in addition, many privacy screens are used not only for privacy, but also as artistic expressions that further the landscape theme. These screens are also very easy to maintain, plus can be used for either the entire garden or just certain parts of it.

Vertical Garden

In other cases, some homeowners prefer to utilize actual plants and nature while creating their privacy elements in a given landscape. One great method here is the vertical garden, which provides an affordable and organic way to create a boundary. Vertical gardens have fewer height limitations than fences in many cases, plus can involve a variety of different plant life or greenery depending on the rest of the landscape. They combine privacy with nature in an ideal way, keeping your space protected while also adding to its aesthetic in the process.

For more on ways to improve privacy in your landscape, or to learn about any of our landscape design or installation services, speak to the staff at Olympus Landscaping today.