Winterizing Herriman Landscape Fountain: Lining, Cover, Check-Ins

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some of the initial steps to follow if you’re looking to winterize your landscape fountain feature. Because temperatures in Utah get below freezing for much of the upcoming winter, ensuring your fountain is prepared for this reality is very important.

At Olympus Landscaping, we’re happy to assist with a variety of landscaping design and installation services, from pavers and hardscape elements to water features and much more. We’re also here to help you maintain and care for various landscaping features, including assistance with themes like winterizing a fountain. Here are the additional steps to follow, whether you’re carrying this process out on your own or with the assistance of our pros.

Line the Fountain Basin

At the end of part one, we left off with cleaning the inside of your fountain once water has been drained from it. The next step here involves protecting the basin from any damage or excess moisture, which you do by lining it with old towels or any other absorbent material.

Cover the Fountain

Next up, it’s time to cover the fountain properly before the winter hits. If possible, it’s ideal to have a cover dedicated to the fountain itself. Some landscape fountains come with covers that are custom-built for this purpose, while others require modifications to purchase a separate cover. Ideally, yours will be fitted specifically for your fountain. If it isn’t, you can cover the basin with a tarp or any other large piece of waterproof material, taking care to secure it so it doesn’t fly away.

This is likely the single most important step in the process, as it’s the one that will keep the fountain protected over the course of the winter, possibly allowing it to live another day.

Remove Debris

Next up, take a moment to remove any excess debris that’s in the area, particularly any that may risk tearing or otherwise impacting the fountain cover. You should also make sure that any landscaping ornaments, gravel, mulch, and other loose materials are cleared out of the area.

Checking in Regularly

As the upcoming winter wears on, it’s worthwhile to check in on the fountain as time goes by. If you notice that water is pooling or collecting anywhere, it’s vital to stop it from freezing. A cycle of thawing and refreezing can cause damage to your landscape fountain, which means you should keep a close watch out for any signs of this.

In addition to regular checks throughout the winter, you should also remove the cover at least once a month to ensure that there are no leaks or damage. If you notice signs of water buildup beneath the cover, it’s best to drain all of it away before returning the fountain to its proper place.

For more on how to properly winterize your landscaping fountain, or to learn about any of our other landscaping services in Herriman or other parts of Utah, contact the staff at Olympus Landscaping today.

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